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General Discussion / Something out of nothing???
« on: March 15, 2013, 09:37:31 AM »
I always feel sorry for scientific community these days - though I clearly understand that this is also an inevitable play of Supreme Maya :)

Says - "It helps solve one of the most fundamental riddles of the universe: how the Big Bang created something out of nothing 13.7 billion years ago."

Is it not first grade student logic that something cannot be created from nothing ??? What amazes me the most is that how come greatest of greatest scientists dont get this right.


General topics / Swami Chinmayananda collections from archive
« on: March 14, 2013, 10:17:35 AM »

Anyone interested can download. It is recording in swamiji's own majestic voice :) from old collections.

Bhaja Govindam Talks -
Bhagavad Gita discourses -
Kaivalya Upanishad discourses -
Narada Bhakthi Sutra discourses -
Mandukya Upanishad discourses -
Vakya Vritti discourses -
Sadhana Panchakam discourses -
Science of Spirituality Talk Videos -


General Discussion / 'Tiny Bubble' May Gobble Up the Universe
« on: February 26, 2013, 10:14:42 AM »

(Newser) – Thanks, Higgs boson: Looks like the particle's tiny mass is a signal that the universe will one day be erased by a vacuum replaced by another universe, the BBC reports. That is, if the Large Hadron collider really has spotted the Higgs boson. Calling their discovery "Higgs-like" for now, physicists say the particle is linked to an energy field that permeates all space. And when its apparent size is calculated in the Standard Model of particle physics, "it's bad news," says physicist Joseph Lykken.

"What happens is you get just a quantum fluctuation that makes a tiny bubble of the vacuum the Universe really wants to be in," Lykken adds. "And because it's a lower-energy state, this bubble will then expand, basically at the speed of light, and sweep everything before it." But don't worry—this won't happen for billions of years. And physicists still want to perform more experiments after the Large Hadron Collider reopens, to make sure they really have discovered and correctly sized the Higgs boson.

General topics / Swami Vivekananda - Letters
« on: February 20, 2013, 01:19:08 PM »
Written just a year before his nirvana during 1900 / 1901. Pure unadulterated truth flowing from the master... Power of Maya. The same master who said : "Arise, Awake, Stop not till the goal is achieved". No contradictions ever still !!


Just now I received yours and Mrs. Bull's welcome letter. I direct this to London. I am so glad Mrs. Leggett is on the sure way to recovery.

I am so sorry Mr. Leggett resigned the presidentship.

Well, I keep quiet for fear of making further trouble.

You know my methods are extremely harsh and once roused I may rattle A— too much for his peace of mind.

I wrote to him only to tell him that his notions about Mrs. Bull are entirely wrong.

Work is always difficult; pray for me Joe that my works stop for ever, and my whole soul be absorbed in Mother. Her works, She knows.

You must be glad to be in London once more — the old friends, give them all my love and gratitude.

I am well, very well mentally. I feel the rest of the soul more shall that of the body. The battles are lost and won, I have bundled my things and am waiting for the great deliverer.

"Shiva, O Shiva, carry my boat to the other shore."

After all, Joe, I am only the boy who used to listen with rapt wonderment to the wonderful words of Ramakrishna under the Banyan at Dakshineswar. That is my true nature; works and activities, doing good and so forth are all superimpositions. Now I again hear his voice; the same old voice thrilling my soul. Bonds are breaking — love dying, work becoming tasteless — the glamour is off life. Only the voice of the Master calling. — "I come Lord, I come." "Let the dead bury the dead, follow thou Me." — "I come, my beloved Lord, I come."

Yes, I come. Nirvana is before me. I feel it at times — the same infinite ocean of peace, without a ripple, a breath.

I am glad I was born, glad I suffered so, glad I did make big blunders, glad to enter peace. I leave none bound, I take no bonds. Whether this body will fall and release me or I enter into freedom in the body, the old man is gone, gone for ever, never to come back again! The guide, the Guru, the leader, the teacher has passed away; the boy, the student, the servant is left behind.

You understand why I do not want to meddle with A—. Who am I to meddle with anyone, Joe? I have long given up my place as a leader — I have no right to raise my voice. Since the beginning of this year I have not dictated anything in India. You know that. Many thanks for what you and Mrs. Bull have been to me in the past. All blessings follow you ever! The sweetest moments of my life have been when I was drifting: I am drifting again — with the bright warm sun ahead and masses of vegetation around — and in the heat everything is so still, so calm — and I am drifting languidly — in the warm heart of the river! I dare not make a splash with my hands or feet — for fear of breaking the marvellous stillness, stillness that makes you feel sure it is an illusion!

Behind my work was ambition, behind my love was personality, behind my purity was fear, behind my guidance the thirst of power! Now they are vanishing, and I drift. I come! Mother, I come! In Thy warm bosom, floating wheresoever Thou takest me, in the voiceless, in the strange, in the wonderland, I come — a spectator, no more an actor.

Oh, it is so calm! My thoughts seem to come from a great, great distance in the interior of my own heart. They seem like rains, distant whispers, and peace is upon every thing, sweet, sweet peace — like that one feels for a few moments just before falling into sleep, when things are seen and felt like shadows — without fear, without love, without emotion. Peace that one feels alone, surrounded with statues and pictures — I come! Lord, I come!

The world is, but not beautiful nor ugly, but as sensations without exciting any emotion. Oh, Joe, the blessedness of it! Everything is good and beautiful; for things are all losing their relative proportions to me — my body among the first. Om That Existence!

I hope great things to come to you all in London and Paris. Fresh joy — fresh benefits to mind and body.

With love as ever to you and Mrs. Bull,

Yours faithfully,


General Discussion / Biggest sin
« on: February 10, 2013, 09:10:48 AM »
Short article in a local magazine...

The Biggest Sin and Why Christ called us sinners
Let us try to understand this profound statement and then decide on judging it. When man starts his spiritual journey and gains a sookshma Budhi to observe and evaluate the subtleties, he starts off seeing the body first. He evaluates and sees that the body is nothing but always dead, already dead. It is made up of Panchabootha, sprouts up from Panchabootha and goes back to Panchabootha. Each moment it is already dead. So there is no birth or death for body, because something which is always and already dead - cannot be born or dead. So body has no birth and death.

Then, what is it that makes this body seemingly come to life, live and die. That inner force which silently acts when you are asleep to fix all physical problems in your body? It is the same One which silently ensures specified litres of blood are pumped in and out of your heart every moment. It is the same force which ensures not even once your food enters the wrong hole among the numerous holes in its pathway to Stomach - till the purpose of the body is finished. It is the silent witness and master which repairs your body day and night to make it fit to achieve its purpose. It is the most kindest force ever to exist, as it never seeks acknolwedgement. It is the same force which makes sun moves around and make life possible - even when nobody thinks or thanks the Sun. It is the same force which makes every neuron signal pass through at the exact rhythm till the purpose is achieved. It is the same force which decided how the multiple universe must be formed. Be it while operating the crores of universes, be it while operating the sun, or be it while operating your heart - that force does not do it for a result. It is the silent master and silent witness which makes Panchabootha come to exist and act and perish.

Now, who is this third guy - who has absolutely no clue of how any of these operates and still comes and claims that "This is me". This third man comes and says - "This is my body". He comes and says "I know it. It is my body" and alas ! what a pity - this third man is the greatest robber. He occupies something which he does not own, did not create, has no idea how it operates and has no idea how and when it will perish. He least thinks or thanks or remembers the real owner of the house who knows everything about the house, understands each inch of how to operate and maintain it and above all created the house itself and has all the freedom to decide when to destroy it and what to do with the tenants. So Who is this third guy who occupies this house, uses it and its resources to achieve everything that he wants without ever thinking or thanking the owner and also keeps on seeing it is all me and mine? What will they do to such a person in your country? Such a sinner? Such a robber? Is he not the biggest sinner committing the biggest sin and crime? He is called EGO by name in case you find him.


Ashrams / travel to Thiruvannamalai
« on: January 20, 2013, 08:24:17 PM »
Dear friends

Looks like Bhagawan may grace me by allowing me to visit Thiruvannamalai over the weekend of FEB 2-3 from Bangalore. I have a few questions - if you can kindly advise me?

1. Since I may reach there by Saturday noon and have to start back by Sunday noon, I have roughly only 24 hours. My main aim is Girivalam. Can I do girivalam in the evening starting around 4PM ? How long would it take typically assuming I am a 40 year old with only fairly average fitness levels.

2. How is the road from Bangalore to Tiruvannamalai? Does anyone recommend driving self OR better to hire a taxi? I too find it tiring to driving from Bangalore and trying to do girivalam in evening.


General topics / Master on Brahman / Sat-chid-ananda / Supreme Self
« on: January 18, 2013, 08:02:15 AM »
Starting this thread to capture and share everything that Sri Ramakrishna Bhagawan expounded using these words.

Sri Ramakrishna's conversation now turned to the Knowledge of Brahman.

MASTER: "Brahman is beyond vidya and avidya, knowledge and ignorance. It is beyond maya, the illusion of duality. The world consists of the illusory duality of knowledge and ignorance. It contains knowledge and devotion, and also attachment to 'Woman and gold';
righteousness and unrighteousness; good and evil. But Brahman is unattached to these. Good and evil apply to the jiva, the individual soul, as do righteousness and unrighteousness; but Brahman is not at all affected by them. One man may read the Bhagavata by the light of a lamp, and another may commit a forgery by that very light; but the lamp is unaffected. The sun sheds its light on the wicked as well as on the virtuous. You may ask, 'How, then, can one explain misery and sin and unhappiness?' The answer is that these apply only to the jiva. Brahman is unaffected by them. There is poison in a snake; but though others may die if bitten by it, the snake itself is not affected by the poison."

"What Brahman is cannot he described. All things in the world – the Vedas, the Puranas, the Tantras, the six systems of philosophy – have been defiled, like food that has been touched by the tongue, for they have been read or uttered by the tongue. Only one thing has not been defiled in this way, and that is Brahman. No one has ever been able to say what Brahman is."

VIDYASAGAR (to his friends): "Oh! That is a remarkable statement. I have learnt something new today."

MASTER: "A man had two sons. The father sent them to a preceptor to learn the Knowledge of Brahman. After a few years they returned from their preceptor's house and bowed low before their father. Wanting to measure the depth of their knowledge of Brahman, he first questioned the older of the two boys. 'My child,' he said, 'You have studied all the scriptures. Now tell me, what is the nature of
Brahman?' The boy began to explain Brahman by reciting various texts from the Vedas. The father did not say anything. Then he asked the younger son the same question. But the boy remained silent and stood with eyes cast down. No word escaped his lips. The father was pleased and said to him: 'My child, you have understood a little of Brahman. What It is cannot be expressed in words.'

Salutations to MASTER


General topics / Start of Maha Kumbh Mela - Naga Sadhus
« on: January 14, 2013, 01:01:49 PM »
The holy Kumbh Mela is here. It starts with Naga Sadhus bathing in holy Ganges. I thought I will share this about Naga Sadhus at this time. When I was a student I was very intrigued by Maha kumbh Mela and collected this information from somewhere.

Naga Sadhus are a particular group of Shaivite saints who reside in the Himalayan Caves and come to visit the civilization only during the Kumbh Mela. This is the only event when these ascetic saints can be seen amongst the general Indian population.

The Naga Sadhus have unique characteristic features drawing inspiration from the famous Hindu god Shiva. They hold tridents crowned with human skulls. Their bodies are smeared in thick ash and they wear heavy coils of matted hair on the head. These saints   remain completely naked even during biting cold. They smoke Marijuana through a pipe called a Chillum or Shiv Muli. They use it as a tool to avoid the worldly distraction yet have self-control even in the intoxicated state. But as they advance in spiritual life they renounce intoxication too. The Naga Sadhus renounce the materialistic world and practice celibacy to escape from the cycle of birth and death and to attend salvation. As they belong to the Shaivite sect, they have matted locks of hair and their bodies are covered in ash like Lord Shiva.
 The Naga Sadhus were founded by Dattatreya during ancient times such that the date of the foundation is lost. The ancient period was perhaps an age when humans never stressed the importance of time. Shankaracharya was the first one to organize the Nagas to protect Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism).
 The place where the Naga Sadhus live is called ‘Akharas.’ The member of an ‘Akhara’ should always be ready for an intellectual fight and even for wrestling.  The Naga Sadhus – part of a mysterious and secret society – are worshippers of Lord Shiva. Nag means ‘naked’ and hence they are known as Nag Babas or Warrior-Ascetics. The rarely appear in public and the Kumbh Mela is one of those rare public events.

 The Nag Babas are a warrior class and are divided like a regiment in an army. They have no fear of death and enraging them is a sure shot call for trouble. Their attributes are the trident, sword, stick, conch shells, other weapons and musical instruments which reflect their warrior status.

Naga Sadhus – often misunderstood by the western media as part of Indian religious gimmicks – are the epitome of renunciation. They hardly care whether they are misunderstood or called the naked holy men of India or ash-smeared and naked Hindu saints and walk unshaken on the path they have sworn for life


General topics / Jnani and Vijnani
« on: January 13, 2013, 08:56:05 AM »
From Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
"The jnani gives up his identification with worldly things, discriminating, 'Not this, not this'. Only then can he realize Brahman. It is like reaching the roof of a house by leaving the steps behind, one by one. But the vijnani, who is more intimately acquainted with Brahman, realizes something more. He realizes that the steps are made of the same materials as the roof: bricks, lime, and brick-dust. That which is realized intuitively as Brahman, through the eliminating process of 'Not this, not this', is then found to have become the universe and all its living beings. The vijnani sees that the Reality which is nirguna, without attributes, is also saguna, with attributes.

A man cannot live on the roof a long time. He comes down again. Those who realize Brahman in samadhi come down also and find that it is Brahman that has become the universe and its living beings. In the musical scale there are the notes sa, re ga, ma, pa, dha, and ni; but one cannot keep one's voice on 'ni' a long time. The ego does not vanish altogether. The man coming down from samadhi perceives that it is Brahman that has become the ego, the universe, and all living beings. This is known as vijnana."

Who can say better? I wish and pray I at least rise to the level of even comprehending 10% of the state that Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna was ever present ... Reading Gospel was a big thurderbolt for me - honestly. All my "intellectual understanding" blasted like a nuclear bomb blasted right below the chair I was sitting.


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / New web site
« on: January 10, 2013, 12:15:12 PM »
Very nicely done new web site. The newly redesigned website is now available in English, Tamil, Hindi and Japanese.


General topics / Patanjali Samadhi Pada- Supreme Surrender
« on: January 08, 2013, 08:25:05 AM »
Chapter 34: Surrender to God

God is the Guru of all Gurus – sa eṣaḥ pūrveṣām api guruḥ kālenā anavacchedāt (I.26). This is a very important aspect of spiritual approach which Sage Patanjali makes mention of in his sutra. Ultimately, everything is done by God. This is not merely an ultimate realisation, or a statement of ultimate fact, but it is every kind of fact, and perhaps there cannot be any other truth than this great miracle – that there is only one Power working everywhere, at all times, and in every possible manner.

The workings of God are from outside as well as from inside. As the wondrous function of creation, God acts from outside, and as the principle of inner illumination, He works from inside. Every assistance that we receive in our life comes from God; it does not come from man. It does not come from anybody other than the Creator of the cosmos. There is no atom in this universe in which the divine power is not working. Also, we cannot say that any power other than the power of God is at work. He is the Guru of all Gurus on account of the fact that He is unlimited by the time factor, says Patanjali. He is the Guru of even the ancient Gurus because of the fact that He is there even prior to the birth of these Gurus – kālenā anavacchedāt. A Guru is a directing principle, and inasmuch as there cannot be a directing principle other than God, we have to accept that the act of self-surrender to God becomes a necessity even in the most empirical of our actions and modes of living.

It is commonly believed, of course wrongly, that the connection of God with human life is remote, and the immediate connections are personal and social. It is not so. God's connection with us is not remote. As a matter of fact, there cannot be anything nearer than God. Even the nearest conceivable relation in this world is further away than the presence of God in respect of us. Every event that takes place, inwardly or outwardly, and every experience that we are passing through, is motivated by an urge which is a tendency towards God-realisation. There are progressive and retrogressive movements, and there are even apparent erroneous movements from the point of view of personal observation, but all of these winding courses of individual life are ultimately a movement of the river of existence to the ocean of God. Therefore, the surrender of self to God is inclusive of all the duties of life. This is perhaps the message of the verse in the Bhagavadgita, where the Lord concludes by saying, sarvadharmān parityajya mām ekaṁ śaraṇaṁ vraja (B.G. XVIII.66): Renounce all other duties and come to Me alone for refuge. This means to say that the duty of surrender of oneself to God is comprehensive enough to include every other duty within itself.

We have to remind ourself, once again, that our duty towards God is not exclusive, but inclusive. It is not a function that we perform in respect of some individual, excluding certain other individuals. It is this inability on the part of the human mind to think of God correctly that has become responsible, unfortunately, for a subtle doubt in the minds of seekers that social duty is different from spiritual duty. And so, often there is even a complaint on the part of the seeking soul that, "We can take care of God a little afterwards; let us take care of the world just now," so that God may come afterwards – He should not come immediately. This is a peculiar twist in the way of thinking of the human mind which has given a place of lesser importance to the presence of God in life, and a greater importance to the empirical needs of social existence. We may regard this as one of the principal obstacles in spiritual practice. It is a defect in the way of thinking itself, and this defect is so deep-rooted and inherent that it can cut at the root of all aspiration, just as cancer can eat the flesh of the body, and all other efforts at maintaining health may fail if cancer enters into our vitals. Likewise, this cancer of doubt is the destructive principle that is working in life, which can set at naught every other effort, though it may apparently be a religious or a spiritual one.

By Swami Krishnananda

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Framji Dorabji
« on: January 05, 2013, 12:03:08 PM »
Framji Dorabji, the movie-theatre owner in Chennai, belonged to Zoroastrianism. The forefathers of Framji go back to Persia. They are known in India as Parsees. From childhood, he was devoted to sages and saints, for which his family members would tease him. Wherever there were sadhus and sanyasis, he would fall at their feet and serve them. His family teased him, ―Framji, there is a great sage at the outskirts of Bombay. You should go see him.‖‖ He would then go there; taking fruits and money, but nobody would be there. His family members had tricked him. However, Framji later expressed, ―I never felt hurt or got angry with them because those moments were very precious. I was thought of as a saint.‖ Once he was actually cheated by a pseudo-saint he thought was genuine, a psychic person, and an expert in thought-reading.

While Framji stayed in the car, his friends went to the supposed sadhu, who asked them, ―Why have you left your friend, Framji Dorabji, in the car? Bring him here.‖ They were surprised, for, ordinarily, even friends could not properly pronounce the name, ―Framji Dorabji,‖ but the illiterate sadhu pronounced it absolutely correctly. When Framji met him, the sadhu did a psychic reading of his thoughts. Framji was very much impressed and thought he was a great man, so he started going to him on a regular basis. Eventually, the sadhu started extracting money. Once he asked for a huge amount, which Framji could never procure, saying,―If you do not come up with that money I will curse you. Your whole family will be destroyed.‖ Framji begged, ―I cannot. It is not possible.‖ When he returned home, he found that his elder daughter was sick and was getting worse. So Framji ran to the sadhu, saying, ―Please reverse your curse. My daughter is dying.‖ The sadhu said, ―Unless you give me the money, I will not reverse the curse.‖ When Framji went home, his daughter was dead, and his wife had become sick. He became panic-stricken and suffered greatly. His elder brother, Dadiba, who had read a review of A Search in Secret India, took pity on him, saying, ―Brother! I have just read about a great sage in south India. Why do you not go and take shelter under his protection?‖

Thus, Framji Dorabji, along with friends, came to Bhagavan in 1937. There were no private interviews with Bhagavan at that time, but one would be allowed to go with Bhagavan up the hill alone. Framji followed Bhagavan up the hill and cried out, ―Bhagavan, this is my plight. I do not know whether my wife is alive or not!‖ Bhagavan stopped, turned, looked at him for some time, and then said: ―They can go that far alone. There is nothing to fear. Protection is always. Go back peacefully.‖ Framji‘s fear dropped immediately, like a cloak falling from the body. He noticed a word surging from his heart, ―Master.‖ He was the first person to call Ramana Maharshi, ―Master, and my Master!‖ He repeated this often. When Framji returned to his family, they were surprised, because what had happened to him was undoubtedly a real miracle. His wife became well. Framji started going to Maharshi from far-off Mumbai.

Ramana Bhagavan Thunai

Dear Friends

Nochur Acharya describes some situations as best opportunities to do self enquiry. These are occassions when "I" thought is most pronoounced. The most suitable time is when extreme anger (rage) or extreme hurt takes place inside you. They are termed by Acharya as most suitable because these are those rare occassions when only ONE THOUGHT exists - "I am hurt", "Why me", "I am offended", "I"... "I"...."I"... He goes on to advise that if you are able to at that stop all activities and burning urge to respond / react / fight and then ask "Who am I that is getting hurt" with the single pointed thought "I" being most prominent - you easily get a glimpse of the source. And he advises to use every such rare opportunity where ego is MOST HURT to catch the culprit at source. On a lighter note, he goes on to say that such situations create rage because ego hates them. So such situations are enemies of ego. Our enemy is also ego. So my enemy's enemy must be my friend :).  (If you have heard Nochur Acharya, you know - he gives his innocent burst of smile at this point).

Obviously, this is my own translation of his beautiful words in Malayalam. I am sure I have done a very bad job in translating and reproducing it here - but I wish and hope the core is not missed out.

Source: From sessions in my home town in Kerala by Nochur Acharya


Following are the upcoming Nochur Acharya sessions in Bangalore:

1. 24 FEB to 28 FEB
At Odukathur Mutt Hall, Near Ulsoor Lake
Subject : Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 in TAMIL
Timings : 6:30PM to 8 PM
Contact : Mr Venkateshwaran- 09845179294

2. 25 FEB to 01 MAR
Satsang Hall, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, 14th Cross,Sampige Road,
Subject : SATSANG in TAMIL
Timings : 07.00AM to 8.30AM
Contact : Sri Ramachandran- 09845043835


General topics / Swami Tapovanji Maharaj and Bhagawan
« on: January 02, 2013, 01:21:51 PM »
Source : The Call Divine, 1953

The Soul of Silence
Sri Swami Thapovanji Maharaj, Uttarkasi, Himalayas

Silence is Truth. Silence is Bliss. Silence is Peace
and hence, Silence is Atman. To live this Silence is
the Goal. It is Moksha. It is the end of this endless
cycle of births and deaths. Sri Ramana Maharshi was an
embodiment of Silence. He was Silence Itself.
Therefore he did not preach the Silence. Only when one
comes back to the 'noise' from the Silence, can one
preach the Silence. How can the Silence preach itself
through Silence ?

Nearly forty years ago, I had the good fortune of
having the darhsan of the Maharshi at Tiruvannamalai
when he was living there in a cave along with his
mother and brother. One midday I, a young Brahmachari
at that time, climbed to the cave, saw the Maharshi
there, and placing a bunch of bananas at his feet,
bowed and sat before him. At the same moment some
monkeys jumped onto the scene, scrambled for the
fruits and ran away with them.

The Maharshi looked lovingly into my face. That was
all. He spoke but Silence; not a word passed between
us. A supreme, a dynamic and Divine Silence prevailed.
An hour passed by, all in Silence. He rose for his
bhiksha. I too rose from my seat, bowed again and
walked down the Hill. The Divine Silence sank deeper
and deeper into me with each step! Someone came
running behind me and pressed me to take some prasad.
Thankfully, I declined. I was full, so full with the
Silence. The Maharshi called him back and advised him
not to press me. Then I continued walking away.

Maharshi was an image of Peace and Silence. It is the
first duty of all those who admire and follow him to
seek that Divine Silence. The enquiry into that Divine
Silence is but the enquiry 'Who am I?'

O Man! Enquire and be immersed in that inner Silence.
Do all works of this world to reach that goal, to
attain that Divine Silence. The ocean's surface dances
in waves, laughs in sparkling foam, roars as its
thunderous waves clap and clash! And yet deep in its
inner vaults it rests in eternal Silence and Peace.
Without such a divine and spiritual depth, the works
and activities of this universe prove worthless and

"Works should be undertaken and pursued to take us
ultimately to the workless Abode of Divine Silence and
endless Peace." This is the secret doctrine of all our
Vedas and ancient Scriptures.

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