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Sri Sundaram Iyer Day 02.03.2013
« on: March 02, 2013, 08:52:23 AM »

Today is the Sundaram Iyer's Day.  He is Sri Bhagavan's father, who started his career as a clerk and later writer of various sale
deeds etc., and then became an uncertified pleader in the court of Tiruchuzhi.  He was a Karma Yogi and was also taking care of
government officers and other visitors to Tiruchuzhi, by accommodating them in one portion of his large house in Tiruchuzhi and also
serving them food.  He had four children, Nagaswami, Venkataraman (Sri Bhagavan) and Nagasundaram (Chinnaswami) as sons and
Alarmel mangai as the only daughter. Mother Azhagamma was his perfect partner in life joining him in all his philanthropic activities.

Sundaram Iyer met his untimely death and the family became scattered, Nagaswami, and Venkataraman living in Madrurai with their
paternal uncle and Azhagamma and Nagasundaram and Alamelu living in Manamadurai with another brother of Sundaram Iyer.

Sri Bhagavan remembers His divine parents, in AAMM in Verse 2. He says like Azhagu and Sundaram we (Arunachala and Himself)
shall live for ever without parting.

In Sri Ramana Ashtottaram, Viswantha Swami has composed the following name:

Om Sundararya tapa phalaya namah |

Salutations to One who was born as a fruit as a result of the  tapas made by Sundaram Iyer |

or one can say,

Salutations to the One who was born because of tapas (karma yoga) of Sundaram Iyer |

There will be display of photo of Sundaram Iyer in the Samadhi Hall in the Asramam adorned by garlands and flowers today.


Arunachala Siva.