Author Topic: A BIT FROM MAHARSHI'S GOSPEL - BOOK 1 CH. VIII  (Read 936 times)


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Devotee: Through poetry, music, japa, bhajana, the sight of beautiful landscapes, the lines of spiritual verses etc., one
experiences sometimes a true sense of all unity. Is that feeling of deep blissful quiet (wherein personal self has no place)
the same as the entering into the Heart, of which Sri Bhagavan speaks? Will practice thereof lead to a deeper samadhi and so
ultimately to a full vision of the Real?

Maharshi: There is happiness when agreeable things are presented to the mind. It is the happiness inherent to the Self, and
there is no other happiness. And it is not alien and afar.  You are diving into the Self on those occasions which you consider
pleasurable. That diving results in self existent bliss.  But the association of idea is responsible for foisting the bliss on other
things or occurrences while, in fact, the bliss is within you. On these occasions you are plunging into the Self, though unconsciously.

If you do so consciously, with the conviction that comes of the experience that you are identical with the happiness which is verily
the Self, the one Reality, you call it Realization.  I want you to dive consciously into the Self i.e into the Heart.


Arunachala Siva.