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Maya Explained by Shankara
« on: March 06, 2013, 02:26:35 PM »
In his mandukya bhasyam Shankaracharya gives a beautiful example to illustrate maya.
He says ... in a rope magic show, there is a rope which is "as if" seen standing "erect" . It extends in air without support!! and then the magician climbs up the rope with a knife in his hand saying he will kill some demons above the rope. He climbs to the top and dissapears there as if going into the demon world with a mission :).

After a few minutes we see his hand falling from the space... then another hand, legs and the head. People would wonder at the magic show [indrajaalam] when suddenly all those parts re-assemble and we see the magician.

in reality, says shankara, the magician never climbed the rope, never did his body parts get cut ... this is the example he gives to illustrate maya -- This world!!

And the person who climbed the rope is not the magician!! Neither was his body cut into pieces ! So too ... this thats "Seen" is not the Self ... that which enables the "Seeing" ... remaining as the Presene is Self :)

mandukya bhasyam of sri shankaracharya is really exceptional.

Harih OM!