This popular journal, first appeared in 1964 as a quarterly published by Sri Ramanasramam, and then in 1989 it became a biannual of more substantial proportions.

We are pleased to announce that over the coming months/years we will be adding selected articles from some of the editions, starting with 1964.

All of the articles from the first eight editions of The Mountain Path (1964/65) are available from this website.

Because of the limitations of HTML we cannot reproduce the articles exactly as they are set out in the original paper publications, so some changes have been made to the layout to afford easy reading for you. No photographs from the Mountain Path editions are included in the HTML versions, but the PDF versions contain many of the original photographs and the original layout.

Footnotes - These are often numerous and the reference text usually has superscript numerals to correspond with the footnotes. Each footnote is placed directly beneath the paragraph containing the reference text. In some cases asterisks (*) are used to link the text to the footnote.

Fillers - These small paragraphs, usually quotes from various works, are now all brought together on one page for each edition.

The four 1964 Editions of the Mountain Path are now available in PDF format from our downloads page on the main site - Downloads Page