ashram photograph

Tour of Sri Ramanasramam - Photos 25 & 26

The first photograph shows the Vedapatasala - Vedas School - where young boys are trained as priests and to chant the Vedas properly. A resident teacher takes charge of the boys and they can be heard practising their chanting in both the Samadhi Hall and the New Hall throughout the day.

The Vedapatasala was started during Bhagavan's time by Major Alan Chadwick (Sadhu Arunachala) and has continued since.

The boys spend a few years here before moving on to other things.

The second photograph taken from in front of the 'Guest Room for Men', shows the way to the dining hall, the Old Hall, the ashram dispensary, the footpath to Skandasramam, and the accommodation blocks.

The shrines are directly to the left of the photographer and the kitchen is to the right.

The upper floor is used for storing books and other ashram items.

To the immediate left are taps used by ashram staff for washing and drinking water. This water is not suitable for Westerners to drink.